Evaluation of A few dollars more sequence

We have now finished filming and editing the short sequence of a few dollars more. First of all we had to complete our pre production and planning for the sequence this was made a lot easier since I was in a group of four and we all chipped in to the pre production, for example I did the shot list which helps us with remembering the shot we are supposed to take. This also works well as a backup for the script and storyboard.

When it came to the production we had a very easy job to do since our pre production was so well prepared, even know some of the angles we changed slightly it was still pretty straight forward. When filming we did not do all the scenes in order of the film since there were many shots that were at the same angle so we filmed them all together so we weren’t going back and fourth all the time.

When we came on to the editing stage we had all our clips we wanted and just needed to fit them together with the music and sound. We watched all our clips and edited them to our liking so the film ran as smoothly as the original, the editing was not as simple as it seems since we were very confused on how to work on the tools in premiere but we managed to work out what to do which wasn’t to difficult.

After watching the final edit there were good and bad points. One main bad point that I can see is that not all the clips were in focus this is not a not a huge issue in an exercise like this but when we get deeper into the course we will need to make sure that our clips are in focus. On the other hand the camera angles in our films were very accurate to the original film which made the sequence look a lot better.

Overall the sequence went very well obviously like all things it could of been improved like for example the shot focus which will be improved with experience of filming. Also the editing could of been made to look a tiny bit smoother but once we learn about the software that should become easy.

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