Media Terminology: Sound – Notes from media theory

Diegetic vs Non-diegetic Sound

Diegetic Sound

  • Sound which occurs within the world of the film e.g. dialogue, sound effects, songs being played IN the scene

Non-diegetic Sound

  • Sound which does NOT occur within the world of film e.g. score, voice over


= Two meanings

  1. Any sound you hear within the film (the literal track of sound you hear); e.g. music, dialogue, effects
  2. The collection of songs and tracks that already existed and have been placed into films; e.g. Iron Man 2 using various AC/DC tracks; and Megamind using Gun ‘N’ Roses “Welcome to the jungle”


  • The orchestral music accompanying a clip
  • Consider the impact of the film score in this extract from Up (Peter Docter, Bob Peterson, 2009)…
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