Music Video Research

Passenger- Let Her Go

In the music video they are performing a live concert it shows in the video, them setting up for it and the concert. This could be to promote Passenger by showing that they do live concerts and they plan to do more, subliminal messaging in a way. This could also be used as a marketing strategy since the video itself would be very cheap since all they would need is a stage to be able to set up their gear, audience and finally a few cameras to film it. They would easily make money back on it since Passenger and the song: “Let Her Go” are so well known. The video is a very simple style as they have just based it on a live concert in a hall, this is maybe just to show the band just starting up and showing there is more to come. They use a varied amount of camera angle and distances in the video, for example they use shots from the front, side and back of them singing. They are mainly using close-ups and mid-shots in the video, but they do sometimes show the crowd in a wide shot. The video itself is not filmed live since it is obvious that the music has been recorded over while doing the editing.

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