Music video evaluation

Our task was to re-create a music video of our choice. Our first task was to pick ten videos and write a little bit about them explaining why they would be good to do, we wold then pick three of them and go in to more depth why we are choosing them, what is good and bad about them etc. We then had to pick one out of the three, obviously we picked the easiest one to do which ended up being Time of your life by Green Day.

We started off with our pre-production where we made a script that was showing us the lyrics of the song and all the different directions to do. Our pre-production was not done as throughly as I would of like since we ran out of time and had to get straight into the filming, but we had something roughly to go by. 

When we got into the main production it was not as easy as we thought it was going to be since the locations were hard to find so in the end we had to improvise also we left the filming very late so we had time issues, this comes back to do more planning, which should be done in the future. When filming the singing bits It was very simple since Henry knew the song very well and also we had playback which helped him even further. I think the main problem with the video was when we had to do the sort of camera shakes in between some scenes this was very difficult to do since we had to do it perfectly to make it good, luckily we made it look ok in the end after a few attempts. We could only do this video with single camera since some of the scenes were in different locations but It would of been interesting to try setting up sort of three different stages on the green screen and try shooting it with multi-cameras.

As soon as the filming was over we headed straight to the edit suite to get editing. The editing was not to difficult at all since all we had was match the music with the video but as I said earlier Henry kept to the music very well so it only took a bit of tweaking. The cut away shots looked ok in the in the end since we sped up the clips and it ended up just how we wanted the.

Overall I think the end product is good but to make It better we need to spend a lot more time on the planning so we didn’t have to improvise as much for example we could of done locations recces and storyboarding to help us with the the end product. I think I have learnt a lot from this task and It will make me more aware of pre-production work in the future but I enjoyed doing the music video and I would be happy to do another one later on in the year and hopefully improve.


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