Production Diary

Unfortunately I only got the opportunity to be in one production which was my own production. I got to be a camera operator which created valuable experience for me later on in life since that is the area I am most interested about in the media. My job was basically to film the production while listening carefully to instructions that were given by the vision mixer in the gallery. I had to make sure there was enough head room in the shot at all times and making sure the framing was right. This could prove difficult at times since people move about in the shot, so I had to keep adjusting, which was hard at times but good experience. The key skills I needed for this role were listening and concentration skills, since I need to listen to the vision mixer and make sure I was concentrating that the camera was in the right place at all times. In conclusion I thoroughly enjoyed this role, and felt that I performed well, this has raised my confidence and experience, and I will hopefully get a lot more experience to do this.  

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