• Censorship is deleting or banning certain parts of a book, movies, music or other entertainment material because the content may be be illegal to air.
  • Censorship exists because some things people could possibly find offensive. Also, due to some of the things on the interest children must be kept from seeing them.


  • Can protect children from seeing certain things.
  • Religious conflicts can be avoided.
  • Stops people in coping dangerous things they watch.
  • It protects peoples privacy.
  • Wrong information could be portrayed from books e.g, fantasy.


  • It becomes harder too teach children about certain things.
  • Freedom of speech is compromised.
  • It works against creativity.
  • Sometimes censorship is misused.
  • It could change the whole idea of a book, television show or film.

BBFC: ”British Board of Film Classification”, it’s funded by the film industry it is responsible for the film classification and censorship in the UK. It gives the age ratings (U, 12, 12a, 15,18) to films, games and DVDs.

Ofcom: ”Office of Communications”, the main areas Ofcom are in are.. licencing, research, codes and policies, complaints, competition and protecting the radio spectrum from abuse. It is a government approved for the authority of broadcasting in the UK.

ASA: ”Advertising Standards Authority”, it is self-regulatory organisation. What they do is regulate the content of advertisements, sales promotions and direct marketing in the UK, by investigating complaints made about adverts and sales promotions.

CAP: ”Committee for Advertising Practice”, is linked too the ”ASA” CAP is primarily responsible for the constant revising and updating of the British Code of Advertising, Direct Marketing and Sales Promotion through its Code Policy team.

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