Media Audiences- Task 4

Doctor Who

Doctor who has 4 different genres included in it, these are : Action, Drama, Sci-Fi and Adventure. This ensures that the product is delivered to a wide audience since people enjoy different genres, and this includes many. People make seek out these certain genres, depending on what they live their life like, for example, someone who is emotional and can get emotionally attached to characters easily, will watch Doctor Who because of the Drama and emotion shown in the program. Doctor Who can be both informal and formal in tone, some episodes are very sad and aim out to hit the audiences heart, others are light hearted with a comedic effect, the show has a good mix of both; once again delivering to a wide range of audience. Positive aspects of the show is that it delivers to a wide range of audience, and it is a unique program so anybody can watch it. On the downside of it, all episodes may not include a certain genre, so depending on the episode depends on what type of audience watch it, but it’s usually pretty good all round.

The Walking Dead

The walking dead has a range of different genres, which allows a large audience base, the main genres in the show are: Thriller, Drama and Horror. This is a very nice mix of genres and can speak out to the audience in many different ways, if the audience like suspense and a good story line, these genres are perfect and most people like the unexpected so that is another reason it reaches out to a large group, I think it is mainly aimed at older teens and young adults, because of the horror genre. The walking dead is mainly a formal show, since it can have very serious parts in show great emotion, this is so the audience get attached to the characters. A positive aspect about this show is that it aims to a large young audience but it doesn’t really aim to impress any of the older people.

The Graham Norton Show

The Graham Norton show has one genre and that is a Talk Show, this will be mainly aimed at the older generation but can also be watched by younger people, since they discuss popular cultural things happening with a comedic effect. The show is both informal and formal, since the topics they come across are formal and aim to be in a formal tone, but the way they discuss in a comedic effect is informal, this adds a light hearted view to the show. One positive thing about the Graham Norton show, is that it is not taken to seriously and can make the audience laugh. One thing that lets it down is that because it is only 1 genre it reaches out to a smaller audience than other programmes.

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