Music Video Analysis

Our groups Music Video Analysis

Thomas Vaux

Black Metal;

Behemoth – Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel

Cradle Of Filth – Her Ghost in The Fog

Immortal – All Shall Fall

The story behind all of these videos are disturbing, horrific, demonic, gruesome and just weird. The narrative behind these videos is normally sacrifice and anti christian. These videos are all in Black and white, giving the effects of being dark and creepy. The black and white coloured theme really goes well with the music genre. There always seems to be a innocent person, mainly a young girl involved. The mise en scene is always in a dark wood or a castle/ abandoned building. The artists/characters always seem to be in black leather or just black clothing, long black hair, black instruments  and have face paint on, mostly likely black and white. The editing when making this video would depend on the mood of the video and music being…

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